This package consist of everything that comes in the Living Memories pack but with a special fairy tale twist. This pack allows the bride and groom to reenact special moments of their lives together leading up to the proposal, a minimum of four locations. If they shared a kiss at Laie Point while the waves were crashing against the rocks and the sun was shining, we take them back to that moment and capture it on film. If the groom proposed to her in a restaurant and they want to capture it on film we head back to their special place and we allow them to reenact the moment. We can be there to pick out the dress and capture how she looked the first time she saw it on her, we can take the groom back to the ring shop and watch the smile on his face when he gets the ring or take them back to how nervous he was before the proposal. It is everything leading up to the wedding that we can recreate. That is very unique and special. All of that will be edited and created in a way that will remain a constant reminder of how and why you fell in love.  For more information on this package contact us for a free consultation.

"Happily EVER AFTER"

Logo animation

​Most business advertisement has moved from print and made it's way to television and web-based platforms. Everyone knows that to set yourself apart from the next business, you need to brand yourself with a unique logo. If you do not have a logo our artists can help design a logo for your company that speaks to you. From there we help develop a customized animated logo that you can put in front of your video or web ads. 

commercials & Yelp ad's

K. Simmons Productions LLC has a highly skilled staff that works one on one with businesses to provide for their needs, whether they are looking for a onetime ad or need a comprehensive yearly strategy. One of the options that set us apart is being able to broker television airtime with the local television station. Not only can we make the commercial but we can schedule the airtime and have it played on the television station of choice. We work hard at delivering the right message that our clients are trying to make and we use television station demographics to hone in on the targeted market. 

Highlight reels

Basic Highlight Pack
The basic highlight pack is a good service. You send in your videos that you have compiled and our team of editors grab all the highlighted footage of the player and put it together in one action packed reel. KSP has a plethora of music, special effects, and sound effects to make any athlete look extraordinary.

The Ultimate Season Highlight
The Ultimate is an exceptional program that allows us to capture every moment of your athletes season. In this package we will be filming at every local game (additional cost for out of town games). Focusing on your athlete for the whole season. We create a video highlight reel based on the season recorded. We create a separate 5 minute video introducing the athlete. In this section they have the opportunity to show who they are as a person, their plans for their career and their targeted college. We create a sports card with their picture in uniform and all their states for the season recorded on the card and stills of their greatest moments.

Radio Advertisement 

​Our radio ad team has exceptional talent. Some of the highlighted skills would be writing and composing memorable jingles to catch the attention of listeners and will stay in their heads for a long time, voice over work with a variety of character voices and script writing service to help deliver a meaningful ad that targets the right demographic.


“Living Memories”

A once in a lifetime experience for a couple getting married. There is no finer way to document such a momentous occasion than with this service. K.Simmons Productions LLC provides Pre-Wedding Photography Services (1 location). This allows our company to take you to some of the most beautiful locations on the island of Hawaii to help you celebrate the day. Our Photography Service (during ceremony) will also take photos during the wedding.  Video Production Service (pre ceremony, ceremony and reception)  will consist of up to 3 roaming cameras.    One to capture the bride as she prepares for her big day, one to capture the groom as he prepares for his big day, and  one roaming camera to capture friends and family. We capture all aspects of the ceremony with beautiful music, crystal clear audio, and perfect camera angles.

This package includes: A Photo Pack​ of pictures of your choosing, Video Highlight of the wedding to be viewed at the reception and a DVD Copy.  This Living Memories Pack is and excellent service that can be enjoyed forever. 


If you are throwing a party and you want a quality recorded video as a keepsake, then K. Simmons Productions LLC will be there for you. We will provide Photography Service, Green Screen Photo Booth for loads of fun that will keep your guest entertained and Roaming Cameras that will capture each moment. After editing the footage you will be provided with a Photo Pack of the picture you have chosen and a Highlighted Video on DVD​ of the party.

K. Simmons Productions LLC

OUR services

K. Simmons Productions LLC provides a variety of services that will fit the needs of our clients.  If you are a small business trying to boost sales or a bride and groom wanting a recorded memory of the best day of your new lives together, K. Simmons Productions LLC has your back. With a firm foundation of radio, television, print ads, and logo animation, we have created the fundamental building blocks to build an effective marketing center.  Most services are priced based on our clients needs, for information on services and a quote please contact us (link above) and set up a free consultation.