Cleopatra VII, queen of Egypt, has triumphed at the Battle of Actium, which in the annals of history cost her and her lover, Mark Antony, their lives. She has won the battle, but will she be able to win the war and create a new place for her, her dynasty and Egypt in the annals of history?

Three children, banished by the Night Fairy to a deserted island for frequent fighting with their siblings, must find their way back home using their wits. Their adventures include a voyage onboard a one-of-a-kind ship, where they get stuck in the timeline; fight pirates; and meet a multitude of leprechauns, a fire-spewing dragon, a knight astride a lion, and the Night Fairy herself.

​Lawyers are being murdered by LASER-driven arrows. The FBI believes that someone is training a Native American militia to take over the economic system in the U.S. Joe Falk and Susan Koski are assigned to find the hired killer and The Fox, the real force behind the killings.

​Between the end of World War II and the winter of 1975, a 700-year-old prayer book, a key and a faded blueprint came to light in Vienna, and began a 25-year search for Nazi Herman Goering's treasure. In modern day Vienna, American agents Koski and Falk must go undercover to locate the treasure and the Judas List -- a compendium of individuals and organizations who had financed WWII, and, in it's aftermath, now intended to manipulate world finances to bring about the Fourth Reich. But the Americans aren't the only ones looking for the list and the treasure. So are ex-Nazi, the Bosnians, Russians, and, most recently, Muslim militants.

​A maverick Chicago cop uncovers a conspiracy that people with immense power will stop at nothing, not even murder, to keep secret. Set up as the killer of his only witness, he must find a way to clear himself and expose the conspiracy, which changes the course of history.


Taking up where TOTAL MELTDOWN (Borgo/Wildside 2009) by Raymond Gaynor and William Maltese left off, NewAmerica, a shadow of its former United States of America, provides a challenging and dangerous future place for three young firebrands to live.

A skull discovered in a lake leads FBI investigators Bryan Langston and Joe Mallory on a dangerous search for answers to a thirty-year-old unsolved murder. What they don't know is that there is someone still alive who will do whatever it takes to keep the truth buried, even if that means killing again.

​Long-ignored computer genius Kate Keenan has designed a computer program that will put Hollywood and Bollywood out of business overnight. Suddenly everyone wants her...and her program. To stay alive, Kate goes into hiding, barely keeping ahead of a lethal hoard of pursuers with only one thing in mind: FINDING KATE and possessing or destroying the program. 

The first book of three in a richly imagined ancient world where the course of history is altered by one battle. In this world, Antony and Cleopatra triumph at the Battle of Actium, and Cleopatra emerges as a queen, stateswoman, and politician. Those around her come to life as the reader returns to those days to live them with her.Type your paragraph here.

​A stolen weapon of mass destruction hidden years ago on board the Queen Mary, has remained there unknown and undisturbed. That is, up to now. Agents Falk and Koski are called in to evacuate the ship and somehow locate the bomb. Running out of time, they risk their lives to locate the weapon, not knowing that a Girl Scout strayed from her group during evacuation and is hiding in the ship's Trafalgar Square gift shop.

​Koski and Falk come up against what very well may prove to be their most complex and dangerous case yet: The Quantum Death Machine. For the first time, Koski and Falk must separate during a mission. Each faces mortal peril, while, at the same time, their smoldering relationship begins to heat up.


​Jamul, an adored American pop singer, dreams of a grand show of Islamic Jihad power, intending to use a biological weapon to eradicate religious leaders at an Easter service at the Hollywood Bowl. In response, Cerberus agents Joe Falk and Susan Koski must seek help from unlikely sources-gang bangers, scientists and the public-to stop the next brutal terrorist attack on American soil.

Film Festival 

A teenage cartoonist uses a magic pen to bring a superhero to life to help him find his father, who has mysteriously disappeared. In doing so, he unwittingly unleashes a grotesque supervillain and his Dark Legion, challenging him to find a way to save his father while preventing the Dark Legion from taking over the world. Another in Savant/Aignos new "screenplay-novel" series ready to read and enjoy, or use as a script for a play or movie.

​"We chose the place for its neutrality. The Brits opted for its inaccessibility and the Israelis agreed because of its impregnability," Agent Joseph Falk's voice crackled in the earphones of fellow Agent Susan Koski as she swept her binoculars across the vastness of the dark green sea below to focus on the jagged black rock that comprised the home of Flangenan Light. A lighthouse clinging tenaciously to the rocky outcroppings three miles west of Tiree Island for over one hundred years, once crisp and white, its conical structure embedded into the northernmost tip of land, was now weather-worn to a splotchy grey. Then she spied a concrete bunker recently added to the west curve of the lighthouse, and yet another built into the east face of the rock cliff...

Medieval Princess Aqualine the Wise and modern-day Princess Allison the Benevolent defy logic but not magic to communicate through their dreams. Aqualine inks proclamations and Allison holds webcasts, inspiring their loyal subjects and solving problems through ideas and influence gained from each other’s world. Together they will face their problems, and find a solution over time and space.

State of Hawaii​

"STATIC" is a science fiction/ drama inspired by an episode of The Twilight Zone that aired in 1960.  Sixty years later, Executive Producer Kendrick Simmons resurrects an old Philco radio to tell a new story that lightly touches on the growing problem of Alzheimer's disease.

While dealing with the early stages of Alzheimer's disease, Will Gardner finds an old Philco radio that everyone else thinks is broken because it only emits static. However, Will  finds that it is a portal between past and present as he hears old broadcasts and the voice of his late wife Ginny, in the static. 

State of Hawaii​