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Honolulu, HI 96817, USA   |  +1.8083933114  |  ksimmonsproductionsllc@gmail.com

Kendrick Simmons is the CEO of K. Simmons Productions LLC.  He has proven to be very skilled in movie, commercial and television production. He has produced shows on Hawaii’s number one television station KHON2 and produced videos for brands such as UFC GYM BJ PENN, KYANI, LIONS CLUB INTERNATIONAL, EYE OF THE PACIFIC GUIDE DOG FOUNDATION, OLELO COMMUNITY TELEVISION AND MEDIA and SET YOUR SAILS TRAINING SYSTEMS. Examples can be found on our Projects Page.  He works very hard at showcasing the quality of companies through network and media marketing; using skills such as voice over work, logo design and animation, storyboarding, script writing, budgeting, video production, jingle creation, video editing, special effects work and still photography. Kendrick Simmons is skilled with working with programs such as Photo Shop, Adobe After Effects, Premier, and Final Cut Pro. When it comes to marketing for your company Kendrick Simmons comes highly recommended. After earning his degree in Television Production from University of Hawaii/ Leeward he became the creator of the independent film The Tattoo Club Curse of the Dragon. Within 4 months of preproduction he has 24 employees helping to support his dream and over 7,900 fans. Not only has Kendrick proven to be a leader and an individual that knows how to build from the ground up he has donated countless hours producing a number of videos for non-profit organizations. Kendrick is quickly climbing the ladder and turning into the "go to guy" for your production and marketing needs.