Our collaboration gives the freedom of creativity to K.S.P. to operate on a multimedia platform and  to work with multiple motion picture and television production companies, investors, executive producers, producers interested in a project. 

We are excited to transform novels with compelling stories into television series, web series, comic books, motion pictures, theatrical performances and video games. This has provided us with a plethora of engaging stories that we intend to utilize for our audience's viewing pleasure.

K. Simmons Productions LLC and it's subsidiaries are dedicated to creating high quality entertainment that will keep our audience engaged for generations to come. 

Our company has rebranded, for the sole purposes of making brilliant motion picture and television franchises, that are comprehensive, competitive and cultural to meet the demands of  a broad audience  both internationally and domestically. 

The future of K.S.P. is to not only generate content but become a content provider for investors, executive producers and producers. In efforts to provide a steady stream of content we have collaborated with partners such Savant Books and Publications, Aignos Publishing and their award winning authors.